LexelIT Solutions

Committed to a sustainable future

Lexel is socially responsible and environmentally aware. While customer service remains our top priority, we have instituted a company programme that reviews business activities and operational best practices to minimise waste and environmental impacts.

Recycling Our policies and procedures reflect relevant environmental legislation and are currently initiating an external sustainability review and moving towards formal accreditation, known as Sustainable Procurement Accreditation. Our goal is to continuously improve environmental practices and reporting to ensure best practice standards are maintained at all times.

Right now, we are focusing on the following areas of our operation:

Waste minimisation

Recycling The production of waste, particularly through infrastructure and hardware obsolescence, is a business reality. However, it is the manner in which an organisation chooses to dispose of this waste that largely determines environmental impacts. Rather than landfill disposal, Lexel actively recycles the following:

Water management Lexel’ Integration and Logistics centre pursues an end-to-end lifecycle approach to infrastructure and hardware acquisition and disposal. From deployment we also responsibly consolidate and dispose of old equipment;

Technology and appliance energy efficiency

Light Efficiency Lexel has taken the following steps to actively conserve energy:


We have recently made a big decision that will dramatically reduce company travel, vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Recent investment allows us to remotely maintain and manage many of our projects and customer sites. Additionally, the company’s vehicle fleet has been standardised on fuel efficient Toyotas with low emission ratings.

Products sold

Lexel actively seeks out and recommends new products that offer improved efficiency ratings and eco-friendly innovation.

» Download the PDF, Lexel Sustainability Initiatives (312 Kb)