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Lexel's Emergency generator in action

Auckland, 12 March 2013

On the afternoon of the 8th March, the street power transformer supplying Lexel's head office in Albany caught fire and then failed, leaving the entire street without power for the next 14 hours. Fortunately, due to Lexel's ‘resilient service strategy' and investments made, this outage did not affect Lexel.

During 2012 Lexel installed an emergency generator to its Auckland head office powering both the office environment and its datacentre. During this extended 14 hour mains power outage, Lexel was not affected and continued to operate its datacentre, full administrative and technical support office without interruption. Even the office air conditioning, dish washers and coffee machines continued uninterrupted.

Noel Simpson Lexel CEO said “We installed the emergency power generator during 2012 to service our entire head office building as we're committed to delivering an excellent and robust service to our clients.

Installing the generator to the server room was a ‘no brainer' and we replaced an older generator that did this previously. However, with the new generator we chose to also power the entire building to ensure that key services such as helpdesk and managed services continued without interruption to our customers. This is a key differentiation between Lexel and may of its competitors, as only those committed to excellence make this type of investment”.

The 200KVA generator has the most advanced electronic controllers available and has an enterprise level transfer switch (ATS) to ensure rapid and smooth fall over and fall back in the event of a power outage.

This is in addition to other resilient assets which Lexel has invested in, including resilient networks with three disparate fibre providers, redundant datacentre air-conditioning and dual A/B UPS power.


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