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Lexel wins Ministry of Defence Award of Excellence

Auckland, 27 November 2013

Lexel wins Ministry of Defence Award of Excellence 

Lexel won the prestigious Ministry of Defence Award in November 2013, category B. Category B recognises excellence by suppliers of superior services to the New Zealand Defence Force or the Ministry of Defence.

MoD official statement reads:

Lexel Project Services division - Nominated by the NZDF CIS Branch, Lexel Systems are programme managing the Data Centre Relocation (DCR) Programme.

The provision of programme management services that Lexel provide to Defence has been superior. They have demonstrated in-depth project capability and have provided their service in line with industry best practice, while continually viewing and improving their service to Defence. Lexel have taken the time to understand the culture and complexities of the NZDF environment, and have sourced the right team of people to support the NZDF in reaching all their programme goals.

Lexel wins Ministry of Defence Award of Excellence

Lexel have challenged ideas and proposed changes to the way parts of the CIS function, including the use of new processes and tools to capture time and quality, streamlining current ways of working, and continuously improving processes and systems. This has brought about a new way of thinking in terms of delivery of results in the organisation and has resulted in a positive change in the culture of the CIS Branch.

The Data Centre Relocation programme has been one the most technically advanced programmes of work undertaken by the NZDF CIS Branch in recent times. Lexel have successfully managed the programme and associated project streams in a manner never before experienced by the CIS Branch teams. They have brought to the NZDF a level of professionalism and technical project capability which has seen all systems migrated to the new Primary Data Centre with no significant Impacts or outages.

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