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Consolidation and virtualisation

Many IT departments are looking for ways to do more with less at the same time gain greater flexibility in the datacentre.

One way of trimming the escalating operating costs and making better use of your existing IT infrastructure is to look at virtualization strategies to consolidate, multiple operating systems and applications on Intel® processor-based servers. In the process, you not only simplify your datacenter, improve utilization, reduce total costs, improve security, but you also accelerate new system and application deployments.

Our Experience

Lexel has specific expertise in virtualisation technologies that are highly sought after in New Zealand, with experienced design consultants and technical staff, trained in the design, implementation and support of virtualised environments such as VMware ESX. Whether you are looking for an easier way to manage your infrastructure, reduce costs, improve Disaster Recovery, better utilise and/or consolidate your server assets or flexible test environment we can design a virtualised solution that will work for your business.

Many IT departments are faced with making some key investment decisions around their IT infrastructure. If you simply replace your aging servers, you will not be addressing the issues around DR, back up and SAN access.

Some Key IT benefits of Server and Storage Consolidation Exercise

With the newly virtualised environment, less is more.

Key Business Benefits

Lexel offers simple virtualised environment consisting of all the necessary hardware, software licenses, installation, consulting and migration support.

At Lexel we can design and implement a bespoke virtualized environment for your organisation. Our design engineers have extensive experience in designing solutions for customers and environments of all sizes.

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