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Enterprise business clients

Lexel provides a tailored offering to New Zealandís Enterprise businesses. Lexel has sales and technical team specifically designed to meet the needs of this client segment.

Enterprise businessEach Enterprise Client has a team of people working on their account including an Enterprise Account Manager who has overall responsibility for the account and works with the client to set strategy, agree service levels and take ownership of business critical projects. A day to day account manager who deals with smaller escalations or projects. A sales support person who manages general procurement and finally an architect who assists in any complex technical engagements.

The type of solutions that we offer to this segment include:

  1. End-to-end procurement solutions incorporating, product selection, vendor negotiation, stock holding, custom procurement interfacing, SLA driven procurement and commissioning, user acceptance and asset lifetime management.
  2. Business Critical System (BCS) design, Procurement, Commissioning and management if required. Lexel prides itself in a reputation for delivering best value solutions for core ERP and other BCS infrastructure, aligning it with the business need. Consideration is given to, life of the application, long term TCO, budgets based on operational and capital costs, business scalability and flexibility requirements, existing investments (human and physical resources), risk profiles, availability requirements (including the degree of local expertise required) and an end to end implementation and support solution that ensure the success of any venture.
  3. Consulting Services from Lexel' range of internal specialists, contractors, subsidiaries and partners. Some areas of specialisation are, storage (SAN, WAFS) and server consolidation (virtualisation and physical consolidation), UNIX and Linux strategy, Business Continuity (High Availability and DR), Database consolidation (e.g. Oracle RAC, 64-Bit SQL), system migration, Directory service design (AD, OLAP), Citrix, Project management and Middleware and Web Services.
  4. Trans-Tasman projects. Lexel has significant experience delivering Enterprise Projects that span both sides of the Tasman and we are experienced at dealing with IT direction out of Australia.

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Note: Lexel defines enterprise business as having over 500 computer workstations.