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Guardian Network Gateway Security

All in one managed security protecting your business from digital threats

Protecting business IT just got easier. Lexel’ Guardian Network Gateway
Security consolidates all security functions under a single subscription service. Dead
simple, around-the-clock protection delivered by a single vendor.

Multiple threats, one solution

Five core security functions in a single service: firewall, antivirus and spam filtering, intrusion detection, content filtering, and VPN capabilities.

Key service features

Lexel’ Guardian Network Gateway Security offers customers an integrated ready-to-go service for a fixed monthly fee. Multiple security layers are delivered as a single automated service.

Buy preconfigured, or customise to get the precise range of features and flexibility your business needs. Either way, you get a one-stop security service providing multifaceted around-the-clock protection.

One customer’s view

“Lexel did a great job at designing and implementing our business critical
firewall at Matrix Funding Group. Security and up time for us is critical; when you are in the financial services industry you need a robust and water tight solution. More so, any security solution is only as good as the technical specialists that configure and monitor it, and that’s why we use Lexel.”
David Gibson - General Manager - Business Solutions

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