Optimise your business during alert level changes with covid 19
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  • Do you want to reduce cost and minimise risk as you optimise your business for the different alert levels?
  • Do you actually understand the amount of waste or potential savings you have within your current business process, and where the previous assumptions which they were designed for no longer apply?
  • Do you have confidence that your business process complies with new Covid19 health and safety requirements?

You could ignore it or you could optimise your business by allowing us to help with a business and process consultant.
Not only should you be looking to highlight waste and opportunity to save money, you should also look to highlight other risks, which you can then mitigate.


Most business processes were designed upon assumptions around how people would be working, their tools, and their environment and of course the legal requirements. All of that has been turned upside down with Covid19.


We have specialist Business and Process improvement resources available now who can assist on a full time or part time basis – for short term or long term engagements.


Please let us know if you would like a call or virtual meeting to discuss your specific requirements?


Below is a brief summary of a selection of specialists available to assist your business now.


Business Specialist – Process & Workflow Transformation and Change Management
Resource #:18881035

  • Over 10 years’ experience in planning, designing and implementing business & IT solutions which facilitate corporate growth.
  • Hands-on business analysis, project management and global experience.
  • Has successfully implemented business process integration & standardisation, strategic plans, business cases, project execution plans & reports.
  • Very experienced in supporting business departments on process changes & improvements, implementing new workflows upon launching new products / services.
  • Has standardised local & global business processes, to identify potential cost savings and meet corporate goals of operational excellence.
  • Excellent documentation, interpersonal & presentation skills, and effective communicator.
  • Experienced in working remotely; already set up and ready to go.
  • Available immediately.

Business Analyst – Web Based Solutions; Integration; Agile
Resource #:6486120

  • With 12 years’ experience as a Business Analyst, has also worked as a Project Manager.
  • Experience is in the co-ordination and implementation of projects in the areas of web-based applications, back end technologies and big data, including migration and integration.
  • Has managed multiple complex projects by mitigating risks, negotiating scope, prioritising (MoSCoW) and proposing multiple solutions in an Agile environment.
  • Presents as someone with a wealth of knowledge and is an outstanding candidate who is always highly sought after in the contracting market.
  • Experience in remote work and onboarding.
  • Available immediately.

Senior Business Analyst/Product Owner
Resource #:15202219

  • Experienced and passionate Business Analyst and Product Owner who has an extensive background working on a wide variety of applications development projects.
  • An outstanding communicator, at ease liaising with Customers, Senior Stakeholders and development teams.
  • Strong attention to detail and a pragmatic approach in the ordering and refinement of applications or product delivery.
  • Comfortable with both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, with a preference for working with an ‘agile mindset’, continuous improvement and delivery cultures.
  • Recent engagements include: Air New Zealand, Fleetpartners, Northpower, Datamail
  • Experience in remote work and onboarding.
  • Available immediately.

Business Analyst/CX and Process Improvement Analyst
Resource #:18123798

  • Passionate about the customers’ experience, working to make it easier for customers to do business by creating solutions to inefficient processes and improving customer experiences to integrate both the customer and business perspective.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in identifying  root causes of customer churn, taking an outside-in view to understand interactions from a customer perspective and analysing customer data, behaviours, competitors and the market to gain insights and quantify the size of the problem.
  • Experienced in business process mapping, analysis, re-engineering and improvement, root cause identification and solutioning, simplification of internal processes to increase efficiency and decrease effort required.
  • Available immediately.

Please do reach out if you would like any further information on any of the above Resources, or if you would like to discuss other available flexible resourcing options, please contact us.


Stay safe.


Amanda van Ryn

General Manager – Resourcing as a Service
Phone: 022 0106918