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Lexel Company Profile

Founded over 30 years ago; Lexel is one of the largest privately-owned providers of ICT services and solutions in New Zealand. An agile and innovative organisation, Lexel has a staff of over 170 and revenues exceeding $60m.


With extensive expertise in services and ICT solutions, Lexel consistently delivers on both quality and innovation. Across both New Zealand and Australia, customers can rely on Lexel’s commitment to service excellence, every time.



Our Vision


To be the undisputed information technology solutions company of choice for employees, customers and partners in all of the markets we choose to serve.


Our Mission Statement


Improve our clients’ future through technology, consulting, services and translating their success into a long-term, mutually rewarding relationship.


Our Values

People. Our people are our most valuable asset.


Results. Profitable growth for our organisation, our clients and our partners.


Integrity. Deliver on our promises, every time.


Dedication. Exceed our commitments to each other, our customers and our partners.


Excellence. Outstanding services and support in everything we do.



Executive Team

Noel C Simpson

B.Com, NCB CEO An Auckland University B.Com graduate majoring in Accounting

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Chris T Simpson

ANZIM Executive Chairman Founder of Lexel. Prior to starting Lexel Chris was in the Finance

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Brett Boulle

GM Digital, Cloud & Hybrid IT Services (DCH), Brett has over 20 years experience in ICT leadership, operations

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Cedric Edwards

GM Technology Solutions Group, Cedric has over 25 years experience in sales and management roles within in the NZ IT industry,

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Amanda van Ryn

GM Resourcing as a Service (RaaS), Amanda joined Lexel in 2014 to establish the RaaS business, offering clients fast and flexible ICT resourcing solutions.

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Chris Lambourne

Financial Controller Chris Lambourne is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered

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At Lexel, we relish the opportunity to give back to the community that we live and work in.  We choose opportunities that enable both the business and our staff to support local schools, groups, clubs, or community programs. Our community work includes:


Lexel supports Oxfam Trailwalkers

Lexel supports bringing communities together for a commendable cause. This year the Oxfam Foundation held a trailwalker event to raise funds to create a safer, fairer world where all people can enjoy a life of opportunity, free from poverty and suffering.

Special Children’s Christmas Party

Lexel supports Special Children’s Christmas Parties. These events have been created to provide 2,000 very deserving children in our community an experience that they will never forget read more

Saint Kentigern 1st XV Rugby Team

Lexel supports the Saint Kentigern 1st XV Rugby Team. This talented young team has recently been crowned world champions after a convincing 40-8 win against the tournament favourite.

Hockey Champions Trophy

Lexel worked with FX Networks to provide vital communication links to support the Owen G Glenn FIH Champions Trophy. The event was hosted by Hockey New Zealand and held at the North Harbour Hockey Stadium on Auckland’s North Shore. The tournament included 24 international team matches played over six days.


Lexel is socially responsible and environmentally aware. Our sustainability policy is designed to support sustainability, minimising both waste and environmental impact. At Lexel, our policies and procedures reflect the most current environmental legislation. Our goal is to continuously improve environmental practices and reporting, ensuring best practice standards are maintained at all times.

In addition to waste minimisation such as recycling, Lexel focuses on a number of other key areas across our operation:

Working Sustainably
Lexel has incorporated sustainability broadly across people and culture, technology, systems and processes. Lexel actively

  • seeks out and recommends new products that offer improved efficiency ratings and eco-friendly innovation.
  • ensures sustainability is integrated into our long-term strategy, our governance processes, and our business planning and performance management cycles
  • continues to build Lexel’s reputation for supporting sustainability
Transport efficiency
Lexel is committed to dramatically reducing company travel, vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Recent investment allows us to remotely maintain and manage many of our projects and customer sites. Additionally, the company’s vehicle fleet has been standardised on fuel efficient Toyotas with low emission ratings.
Energy efficiency
Lexel has taken a number of steps to actively conserve energy:

  • Server virtualisation has dramatically reduced our physical server footprint and improved computing capacity utilisation
  • Inactive printers and PCs are maintained in sleep mode; and air conditioning units operate according to timers, limiting their operation. Where possible, such as warehouses, external openings to provide indoor/outdoor airflow will further reduce dependencies on air conditioning
  • Light bulbs are replaced with energy efficient units. The use of natural lighting has minimised artificial lighting
Lifecycle Management
Lexel’s integration and logistics centre pursues an end-to-end lifecycle approach to infrastructure and hardware acquisition and disposal.

  • Returning obsolete technology to lease companies or other designated parties
  • Reselling old products that still retain some economic life
  • Donating equipment to schools and charities (on client request)
  • And breaking down and recycling products at the end of their economic life

Our Partners

Lexel Partners