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Surveillance & Video Analytics

Peace of mind for your business

A one stop shop, Lexel can help your business by designing, installing and supporting state of the art surveillance and video analytics solutions.


Taking the time to understand your business, the team at Lexel can design a centrally managed surveillance and video analytics solution to meet the unique needs of your organisation – all for a predictable monthly fee.


Our solutions include cameras, video management software, and all supporting IT infrastructure (including connectivity).

Our Services:

• Consulting, design and support

• Onsite or remote support of all systems and solutions, available.

• Available 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

• Security consulting, including solution design, camera locations, and specifications.

• Analytics software and services.

• On site installation across New Zealand and Australia, providing end-to-end project management.

Managed services:

For a predictable fixed monthly fee, Lexel can provide:

• A fully customised video and surveillance solution.
• Proactive monitoring, maintenance and alerting, tailored to meet your business needs.
• Auditing of automated analytics systems, to check continued accuracy and quality.
• Full physical maintenance, including cleaning and servicing of video surveillance equipment.


We appreciate your organisation may have an existing relationship with a traditional physical security company. Lexel will work collaboratively with these companies to assure the best outcome for your business.

Business Benefits:

Surveillance and video analytics solutions can deliver a broad range of benefits for your business, including:


Managed procurement. Lexel’s managed procurement is made up of several individual services, designed to reduce both complication and cost.


Minimise shrinkage. Synchronise Point of Sale and ATM data, to search for events and transactions linked with fraud or theft.


Increase conversion. Through people and queue counting software, measure the impact of pricing, product, layout and sales floor presentation.


Improve workforce planning. Identify optimal delivery time through analysis of customer traffic.


Customer browsing experience. Through heat mapping, track; record and integrate video analytics to reveal hot zones.


Regain control. Easily monitor and control entry and exit points with alarm integration.


Quickly find footage. Go back as far in time as you need to quickly and accurately find relevant footage.


Reduce card misuse. Track, monitor and remedy the misuse of loyalty cards and credit cards. Implement remedies to rectify.


Behaviour analysis. Analyse staff and customer behaviour through automated detection and alerting of events.