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Lexel Systems is proud to announce the appointment of Joanne Livingston as our new, specialist Software Licensing Strategist.


A renowned figure in the New Zealand ICT space with over 18 years experience, Joanne provides deep insight into software licensing management, in particular Microsoft licensing. Her expertise will help shape our licensing portfolio, across our Professional Services, Cloud and Procurement teams, to deliver a single and concise offering to market. Joanne will also work directly with key clients to ensure their licensing strategy and execution is optimised.


Joanne has previously worked for Express Data / Dicker Data as a Product and Business Development Manager, specialising in Microsoft Licensing, and Accordo, specialising in Software Asset Management compliance. Joanne will complement the Lexel team, acting as a key source of licensing information and would personally like to ensure “customers have the confidence to engage with Lexel, knowing they will receive consistent support for all their licensing concerns – compliance, support, and advice.”


As part of Lexel’s continued investment in the licensing space, we will be onboarding a new client software licensing management tool. This will ensure Joanne and the licensing team is readily available to answer all your licensing queries.


Lexel welcomes Joanne and the valuable contribution she will bring to assist Lexel’s customers in maximising their licensing investment.

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