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3rd October 2018


With the incredible rise of technology in recent years, few industries have been presented with more challenges than in the retail arena. As consumers, we’ve all been there at some point. Browsed through a store, decided on purchasing some items only to get to the register and the line is long and stagnant. A flustered sales assistant stands at the service desk scrambling to operate a point of sale (pos) system that’s neither efficient, nor aesthetically pleasing.

You’ve only got 45 minutes for lunch and need to be getting back to the office, so what happens? Spoiled with the convenience of online shopping, you return the items you planned on purchasing, content with the knowledge you can purchase them from the comfort of your own home later that evening.


If you’re a retailer the question is how to combat this? Simply put, POS matters. In 2016, InRetail found that only 27% of shoppers will give a store a second chance after a poor customer experience[1]. To remain competitive in an ecommerce environment it’s imperative that retailers provide an exceptional shopping experience, with the most successful doing so through a unified integration between the digital and brick and mortar world. But how do you execute this integration? With a POS system that is sleek but versatile, digitally capable, and secure.



The new all-in-one HP ElitePOS system offers retailers the ability to position their feet in both camps. It’s sleek and modern design strikes an aesthetic accord with shoppers while maintaining the functionality necessary for a seamless transactional experience. The system possesses a central column capable of securing the monitor above the counter, with the option for a printer to be attached if necessary. If space is at a premium it can stand alone on the floor and swivel for customer access, while for those retailers wanting to maximise every inch of floor space the tablet can be removed and mounted to a wall. These features give you the versatility to design your space as functional and shopper-friendly as possible.



In the same report, InReality found that 69% of shoppers are significantly more likely to purchase something in-store if given the added option of a self-service environment[2], digital kiosks and interactive displays for example can provide the customer a more experiential shopping environment. The ElitePOS houses such capabilities. Utilising its touchscreen features inside a beautiful 14 inch diagonal anti-glare display, retailers can implement self-service initiatives as well as digital signage display. With web access, staff have the ability to provide detailed information regarding items, as well as sell products which may be stocked online, but not in-store. Considering some 81% of shoppers are now entering stores at the mid-late buying stage[3], the ability to provide specific in-depth information can be the difference between you securing a sale, and losing it.



With the modern age comes the always prevalent risk of hackers, and with Verizon reporting that 64% of breaches in the retail industry stem from POS intrusions, customers are now increasingly concerned at the prospect of their personal data being compromised through things like loyalty systems[4]. The ElitePOS comes packed with HP Sure Start Gen3, HP BIOSphere Gen3 and user authentication technology, which includes fingerprint identification providing physical security that allows a streamlined login for staff, contributing to a smoother transaction. Sure Start Gen3 coupled with BIOSphere Gen3 gives you a higher level of resilience to cyber-attacks than that of a computer-based system. Together, these security features give the customer not only a streamlined transaction, but the peace of mind knowing their personal details are as secure as can be.

Retail competition is tough nowadays, coming from a multitude of sources. A POS system that differentiates you from the market can be the tool that drives growth, and keeps customers returning again and again. Lexel offer the services necessary for you to implement and manage the HP ElitePOS systems without the stress of downtime or disruption. Through our POS hardware and software support model, we’re the only IT Integrator with a long-term commitment to providing an outsourced POS service desk, including support for the hardware and POS software. Available 24/7 across New Zealand and Australia, our service desk mirrors your retail timeline, providing a single point of contact for all first line POS environment support, including POS hardware, mainstream POS software, as well as network and turnkey physical servicing.


So what are you waiting for?


Contact Lexel today and learn how through design, digital capability and security, the HP ElitePOS system can be the differentiator for your business.