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17th October 2018

Living in a digital world, many can be forgiven for thinking traditional brick and mortar retail stores exist at a disadvantage to the streamlined convenience of online shopping. On the contrary however, brick and mortar stores actually have the advantage of being able to provide an immediate, memorable experience through the use of point-of-sale (POS) systems. A POS system like HP’s ElitePOS for example, gives retailers the ability to create a customer-centric experience, creating an experiential environment that utilises technology offering interactive digital signage, which has recently become a key draw-card for retailers who see POS as something more than just a till. Although, with these technologies come the added challenge of maintenance and when trying to manage internally, the cost and time can quickly snowball to the point where it’s of detriment to the retailer.


For 30 years, New Zealand retail chains have been turning to Lexel to manage their technology, leaving them free to focus on core business practices. Using Gartner’s run-grow-transform (RGT) model – a model developed to assist businesses with IT planning and investments in IT products and services[1] – this article will highlight how implementing HP ElitePOS systems with the support of Lexel can help you stay relevant in this Omni channel world and deliver that experiential environment your customer’s desire.


Run: Operate and Maintain

Run represents how much of your IT resource is focused on the day-to-day functionality of the business, “keeping the lights on” so to speak. The run elements of the model maintain your retail chain’s essential functions and provide efficiency at the desired quality and price for performance. In this case, your POS systems are the IT resource that’s essential for everyday functionality of your retail chain. You need your POS systems running efficiently and consistently to maintain sales and with the maintenance services Lexel offer through our 24/7 service desk, supporting POS hardware, software and network functionality as well as EFTPOS support, you can operate with piece of mind knowing that any system malfunction will promptly be resolved, keeping it “business as usual” for your retail chain.


Grow: Enhance and Expand

Grow refers to the ability your IT resource (POS system) has in terms of developing and enhancing IT systems in support of business growth. So, does this IT resource you’ve just implemented extend your existing capabilities, deliver some form of differentiation and provide competitiveness? The HP ElitePOS as we’ve highlighted previously [Link to first blog] allows your retail chain to integrate the world of ecommerce into your traditional brick and mortar store. With the ability for digital signage and web access, you can enhance your store’s experiential value through interactive tablets that showcase a broader product range than you may have in store, as well as provide further information regarding a product that may be the difference between the shopper making a purchase or not. At Lexel, we streamline the selection, sourcing, integration and procurement of these technologies through our nationwide service, providing you with an IT resource that can generate growth across your entire retail chain.


Transform: Innovate and Drive

Transform represents the elements of the IT resource that enables you to enter new markets, address new customer segments, create new value propositions and enact new business models[2]. Implementing the HP ElitePOS system offers several opportunities for transformation. With its sleek, modular design, you can manipulate it to fit in any space, providing an opportunity to design your store in a sleek, modern way that can entice new and varying customers. Digital signage can further add to this experiential environment, you can have the tablet attached to a wall, standing on its column near a changing room, or in an electronics section that allows customers to compare specs between different products, all of which enhance the experiential value.

With Lexel’s retail vertical solution, maintaining, sourcing, integrating and procuring the systems is taken care of, allowing your internal team to focus on what’s important, creating new sources of revenue, developing new products and services, and potentially exploring new markets[3]. Further to this, we offer or partner to provide POS solution consulting, website and e-commerce development, gift cards and customer loyalty programs, legal in-store music as well as in-store advertising. Services designed to transform your retail chain, and drive your experiential value that will ultimately provide your customers with an unforgettable shopping experience.



We work with retailers all across New Zealand and Australia, striving to complement their business and generate business growth.


“Lexel look after all our store computers and point of sale systems in over 100 locations throughout New Zealand and Australia. It’s a 7 day a week, 364 day a year job that requires fast response and attention to detail.  Lexel has proven over the past 10 years to be both reactive and proactive, and they are a business partner in the true sense of the word.”

Graeme Popplewell – Hallenstein Glasson Holdings


So what are you waiting for?


Contact Lexel today and take the first steps on a journey that will allow your retail chain to run, grow and transform in a manner that will deliver the experiential value your customers desire and deserve.

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