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Lexel Systems and Cylance hosted a Cyber Security event at Auckland’s Tabac Bar in the CBD on the 15th November 2018.


Lexel’s David Brennan, based on his extensive overseas experience, provided a brief market overview and opinions on the current threat landscape facing New Zealand businesses.


Senior Security Technologist Richard Melick, delivered us a first-hand insight into how cyber crime is conducted today, how to combat the most damaging attack strategies, and how to prevent both known and unknown threats that haven’t been seen before. We invited our customers to participate in a live ransomware attack to find out how easy it is to obtain, weaponise and deliver malware, as well as to learn techniques that adversaries use to bypass existing security solutions.


Following Richard’s presentation, Cody Hill – Infrastructure Technical Specialist at Icebreaker (a global clothing brand based in Auckland) discussed the ‘Icebreaker Experience’ with Cylance and partnership with Lexel.


A great event enjoyed by all followed by drinks, canapés and networking.