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26 April 2019


How engaged are your customers with your brand? In a digital world, learn how every business needs to be leveraging new technology to re-imagine the in-store experience and engage their customers across each possible channel – including your physical stores and locations.


The way we purchase products and build relationships with brands is rapidly evolving. In a digital world, every business needs to be leveraging new technology to engage their customers across every channel – and this includes your physical stores and locations.


Rather than replacing the in-store experience, technology can be used to augment these experiences to allow your customers to:


  • discover new products and brands
  • find information and make comparisons
  • ask questions from tech-enabled store associates
  • receive personalised services and offers
  • make purchases seamlessly


To deliver this capability, HP has developed a new portfolio of devices and service offerings that are uniquely designed to enhance the retail shopping experience. Replacing their HP Elite offering, the HP Engage portfolio provides a sleek, versatile, and secure technology suite that meets the evolving needs of retail and hospitality customers.


Adapting store formats to respond to evolving consumer needs can boost sales by up to 15% and improve customer satisfaction by up to 20% – McKinsey 2019: The ever-changing store.


We know that retail and hospitality customers are increasingly looking for a more engaging, interactive, and personal experience when they make purchases. This is behind the growing demand for sales associates to be equipped with versatile devices that facilitate these interactions – from the moment the customer arrives, to the time they check out.


The new HP Engage POS offering is the cutting-edge replacement for HP Elite POS systems. Designed to deliver the performance, security, and flexibility that businesses need, HP Engage, along with ICT solutions from Lexel Systems, allows you to reimagine your in-store experiences and develop the next generation of customer service capabilities.


Seamless integration – Redesign your in-store experience with minimal disruption – Lexel utilises Gartner’s run-grow-transform (RGT) model to ensure you can balance routine operational IT needs with the demand for innovative growth and transformation.


Flexible and adaptable – Build the ideal checkout, interactive signage, or self-service solution for your retail or hospitality environment with the streamlined, versatile HP Engage ecosystem – all available in a choice of colours.


Built for omnichannel – Power through your peaks with 7th generation Intel® processors and a durable system backed up with on-site support – so you never let your customers down.


Next-level security – HP Engage has a self-healing PC BIOS and firmware that shields the BIOS against attacks to help keep your data, devices, and customers safe and secure.


Intuitive user-experience – Drive your business and deliver engaging, adaptable content and applications across devices and displays with the seamlessness of Windows 10 Pro.


We know that large-scale changes to your in-store experience can be daunting, and not knowing where to start can be half the issue. Lexel has the experience and expertise to tailor HP Engage to your locations, while seamlessly integrating new systems with your existing infrastructure.


Lexel specialises in the tailored implementation of HP Engage, and we also offer ongoing education and security services, meaning your business has everything it needs at its disposal to continually deliver an optimal customer service. We can enable you to quickly roll out the HP Engage POS systems in your retail stores, without the stress of downtime or disruption.


We take care of maintaining, sourcing, and procuring the systems, allowing you to focus on building the unforgettable in-store experiences that drive brand loyalty. Contact Lexel today and take the first steps on a journey that will allow your business to run, grow and transform for delivering the service experiences your customers demand.