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30 April 2019


Is your IT department starting to drown amidst tedious device management tasks? Here are 4 compelling reasons it’s time you adopted Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) for your organisation.


With a growing number of new devices to manage and constantly changing operating systems, your IT department may be drowning in tedious device management tasks. As they struggle to gain visibility of your tech environment, the increasing complexity of device management is also blowing out your budgets and exposing your business to new and unseen risks. Worst of all, your IT team has no time or resources to devote to the innovative ideas that will actually drive your competitive advantage.


Thankfully, there is a better way of operating and it’s called Device as a Service (DaaS). Brought to you by Lexel Systems, DaaS is a flexible solution that allows you to customise your investment in hardware support and covers the entire device lifecycle, delivering cost-effective peace of mind you need across your device landscape.


Here are four reasons we think it’s time you adopted DaaS for your business.


Reduced complexity

We know that IT teams are constantly dealing with device repairs, device access to networks, and patching updates to device OS. An IDC survey revealed that nearly 15% of an IT manager’s week is spent managing IT devices, and more than 50% of IT managers believe they spend too much time overall managing devices.


By outsourcing device management through a DaaS model, IT managers can reduce the constant complexity they deal with every day. With full visibility of their device landscape and the tools to make proactive decisions, they can drive the tech agenda rather than the tech driving their agenda.


Simplified costs

When we consider our spending on hardware, software, services and maintenance for our devices, it can be difficult to gain control and transparency over our IT budgets and spending. Without a real picture or plan for how we’re allocating IT budgets, we don’t have the financial agility to scale our operations up or down as the business demands.


DaaS offers a simplified cost structure that covers devices, software, management and other services. With the ability to adjust your spending on a month to month basis, you’ll be more adaptable to the changing needs of your business and your marketplace.


Advanced security

No other area is as important for device management as security. The threats our organisations face today can come from literally anywhere. A firewall and antivirus is no longer enough to keep us safe when attackers can breach our data and applications from the inside.

DaaS delivers advanced security measures that pro-actively monitor users and devices in real time to ensure device and data access is legitimate, and that proper protocols are being followed. Compliance rules can also be implemented to automate and measure legal and safety procedures while also ensuring all users are following house policies.


Complete visibility

With analytics and reporting capabilities from HP TechPulse in your DaaS solution, hardware and software inventory reports allow you to get an overview of:

  • Windows, Android and Apple devices, as well as any other devices within your network
  • What software is installed and used on each device
  • Full breakdowns of platforms and OS to manage migrations and updates
  • Warranty expirations and device health, including batteries, disks and systems


Comprehensive CPU and memory utilisation graphs can also identify whether any devices are being over or underutilised and respond accordingly. Analytics are also a great way to manage shadow IT by identifying if a device is over utilised, creating an easy way to uncover any unsanctioned software.


Lexel offers an end-to-end DaaS solution that reduces the complexity of managing hardware, device support and analytics, and endpoint configuration – all through a transparent and flexible subscription pricing model. We leverage HP DaaS technology to deliver a premium service experience that puts the monitoring and support of your devices in the capable hands of our experienced team.


Our service expertise combined with HP’s cutting-edge technology tools allow us to proactively anticipate issues and continuously optimise your device performance – freeing up your IT managers to focus on the activities that drive real business value. Contact us today to find out how we can remove the stress of device lifecycle management from your IT environment.