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30 April 2019


As the number and variety of devices in our businesses increase, savvy business leaders are turning to a Device as a Service (DaaS) model to reduce complexity and risk. It’s the device analytics software attached to such a model that is creating vital intelligence for many organisations.


Staying on top of your business is about more than just keeping an eye on your finances. In an increasingly digital world, so much of our ability to drive our organisation forward requires us to have better visibility on the way our people interact with technology.


As the number and variety of devices in our business increases, savvy business leaders are turning to a Device as a Service (DaaS) model to reduce complexity and risk, while gaining greater agility and security in their IT device management. A major value driver for this switch to DaaS is a newfound ability to leverage analytics and reporting from device management software such as HP TechPulse.


Insights and reporting from these DaaS analytics solutions can provide the visibility and peace of mind that businesses need around their device management policies. Unique to HP’s DaaS analytics, these capabilities utilise:

  • Machine learning to understand and establish baselines for user behaviour
  • Pre-configured logic to automate rules and management decisions
  • Contextual data to provide intuitive intelligence into how devices are being used
  • Device, application, and usage insights to optimise IT spending and resources



Inventory reporting

HP TechPulse provides hardware and software inventory reports of HP, Windows, Android, and Apple devices, as well as a breakdown of platforms and OS used. This provides visibility into the makeup of your device environment and is especially useful for managing large scale software migrations.

Analysis of your organisation’s most used software applications can be a great way to reduce budgets as licensing can be adjusted if certain applications and software aren’t being well utilised. Warranty expiration reporting also allows you to keep an eye on devices that need to be replaced or with warranties that need to be extended.


Performance analytics

Understanding how the CPU and memory in each device is being utilised allows you to allocate higher capability devices to users with more intensive needs whilst dedicating more lightweight devices to those users who may just need something for occasional travel or remote work.


Understanding the performance of each device is also a useful way to spot shadow IT – by identifying devices that are over utilised and investigating the unauthorised apps and software that could be causing a spike in usage.


Risk management

From a security perspective, monitoring devices that aren’t running antivirus or a firewall is essential for detecting potentially suspicious behaviour. Insider breaches, phishing and social engineering attacks are designed to bypass traditional endpoint security, so device security monitoring is a vital component of your security posture.


HP TechPulse also enables you to set rules for ensuring your devices and users remain compliant with your legal, ethical, and safety obligations. This also aids your legal, HR and compliance teams in automating elements of the enforcement and control of house policies and company procedures.


With Lexel’s Device as a Service (DaaS) plans, you get a complete solution that combines hardware, device and application analytics, and proactive management services for every stage of the device lifecycle. We focus on securing and managing your devices, so you can focus on empowering business users to move your business forward.


Contact us today to discuss our simple, flexible DaaS plans that can be tailored to your unique business needs.