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20 March 2020


With so many IT service offerings available, it’s easy to get bogged down trying to co-ordinate how all of your technology will work cohesively.


Harnessing the services of a single IT solutions provider like Lexel Systems, can truly help your organisation with modernisation and digital development. From access to current technology to managed refreshes, get unique support through the partnership with a managed service provider.


By fully understanding your business’s complex needs, Lexel can offer a complete roadmap and tailored solution, from virtual CIO through to managing specific aspects of your IT environment that demonstrates how technology can support your current and long-term business goals.


At Lexel, we’ve broken down 3 ways utilising a single IT provider can help modernise your environment and facilitate digital transformation.


Streamlined Deployment 

Chances are your employees work off more than one device. The configuration, deployment and management of devices can be time-consuming for your already stretched IT department.  Lexel gives your organisation access to the latest technology while device procurement and support are taken care of. Lexel, in partnership with HP, can deploy high-end IT device solutions, like the HP Z Workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® W Processor to streamline workflow and business outcomes.


Digital Planning

At the heart of digital transformation, is a well-planned IT roadmap that aligns with your organisation’s long-term goals. If you’re looking to modernise your environment, you have devices, software and operational logistics that need to be accounted for. With so many vendors and service offerings, it’s challenging dealing with the overhead of multiple providers.


With Lexel, you can consolidate your technology, operational and client business goals, with a tailored and scalable approach.  Having a single point of contact also relieves the stress of having to communicate with multiple service providers.


Financial Benefits

The expense of managing your organisation’s device refreshes can be financially daunting. Between large capital outlays to on-going maintenance costs, tailoring a budget around your technology can be challenging with unexpected downtime often leaving you out of pocket.


Lexel can assist you with an OPEX Model, tailored to your specific needs, enabling your organisation to reduce expenses, forecast future spending and leverage the latest IT. With autonomy to offset the initial investment in technology, you get greater predictability with a recurring monthly payment.


If you’re interested in consolidating your IT environment and learning more about workplace modernisation, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a Lexel representative today.


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