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In uncertain business environments, we need to ensure we’re maximising the returns we see on every single investment. For IT and finance leaders, it’s essential that you invest in your workforce with the right technology and that the devices and technology you purchase can contribute to bottom line business results. 




We often see technology purchasing decisions being predominantly driven by the lowest price, and not on the potential returns the technology can provide. This is particularly the case with personal computers, where busy IT leaders are being asked to simply get the best deal across their entire fleet, without paying attention to the dynamic personal computer (PC) needs of our workforce. 


The lines between professional and personal life have become so blurred to the point where we all, in some way, shape or form, live “one-life”. A life in which personal and professional is blended through the growth of flexible working hours, flexible workplaces, and the breadth of premium PCs that allow for both business and personal use, well beyond the typical usage hours of 9-5. 


So, how can we quantify the value our computers provide to our business? We believe premium devices deliver a range of quantifiable benefits that far outweigh the purchase price. When employees get the right premium device for their circumstances, organisations are better positioned to attract and retain top talent, as well as: 


  • Power productivity. 
  • Drive the next generation of engagement. 
  • Minimise device firefighting.



Powering producitivity


As organisational hierarchies have been flattened over many years, there is a never-ending push for greater productivity across our workforce. We expect our people to work longer hours and to deliver maximum results. 


Our employees aren’t robots, however, so there is a limit to what we can expect from them before we need to follow through with the tools and technology that will enable their effectiveness. It’s been predicted that by 2023, the average knowledge worker will be up to 10% more productive than today, thanks to machine learning and cognitive technologies. 


Conversely, 72% of workers now say that their current outdated technology harms productivity. At a PC level, there are plenty of productivity gains to be made from powerful PCs that can: 


  • Run multiple applications. 
  • Enable fast and seamless access to data. 
  • Connect remote workers and teams to workflows and meetings.

With more than 40% of the average professional’s time now spent in conference calls each week, the computer has become the vital facilitator of the new virtual workplace. Accordingly, few other factors can torpedo this valuable collaboration time than poor performing computers without the hardware to stream video and presentations in any location. 



Driving the next generation of engagement 


Millennials and Gen Z now make up a significant portion of the workforce, and we know that these younger workers have entirely different expectations of their employers. According to Harvard Business Review research into the technology and employment preferences of this younger cohort: 


  • 80% believe highly flexible work technology is essential for their role. 
  • 59% consider technology when considering a job. 
  • 78% say technology they like makes them better workers.


If your organisation is serious about winning the war for talent, your device investment strategy is a great place to start. By onboarding new team members with the latest devices, you can create a great employer brand from day one. 



Minimise device firefighting 


Any busy IT leader will tell you their teams already spend far too much time patching, troubleshooting, and fixing avoidable PC issues. Many of these problems are caused by older PCs with out of date operating systems and hardware that simply cannot cope with the latest generation of applications. 


An investment in premium devices is also an investment in the valuable time of your technology team. By freeing them from the avoidable headaches of ageing or poorly performing computers, we can redeploy their time towards value-added strategic tasks that drive efficiencies and create revenue. 


Lexel Systems is proud to be partnering with HP to bring their premium range of EliteBooks to NZ organisations who want to power their workforce. With the latest advances in performance, functionality and security hardwired into these PCs, your business will be investing in future productivity, lower risks, and workforce flexibility – offering one of the savviest technology investments you can make in 2020.