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In periods of disruption, organisational agility can only be unlocked when your people have the ability to be 100% productive, collaborate, and develop new innovationsThis requires investments in the right technology, tools, and applications, and ensuring you are matching technology to each unique role. 


Every role within our organisation has their own unique technology needs. Unfortunately, we see too many organisations bringing a one-size-fits-all approach to their technology decisions. For price or efficiency’s sake, they purchase a homogenous fleet of personal computers (PCs), and expect the same levels of productivity, collaboration, and innovation to occur. 


This ignores the dynamic nature of our workforce, with every role carrying out a unique range of activities each dayAdditionally, the lines between professional and personal life have become so blurred to the point where we all, in some way, shape or form, live “one-life”. A life in which personal and professional life is blended through the growth of flexible working hours, flexible work places, and the breadth of premium PCs that allow for both business and personal use, well beyond the typical usage hours of 9-5. 


So, what are the unique personas we should be considering, and how do we create a new system for procuring the right PCs across our workforce? 



The work-from-anywhere nomad 


No longer are freelancers and “digital nomads” the only workers who spend their lives on their laptop. Even before the events of 2020, it was estimated that more than half of the global workforce would be working remotely. Now that future has arrived early, a growing portion of your workforce need portable and secure devices that enable them to carry out their work wherever they are. 



The part-time, work-from-home employee 


There is a clear increase in staff members working on a hybrid home/office arrangement where they’ll spend x-days in the office, and x-days working from home. For a hybrid arrangement, they need a hybrid computer situation. Something that gives them the power and features of a head-office based system (support modern apps), but is light and mobile enough for easy transportation (including paperless work functionality). If they leverage monitors then a docking station is also imperative.  



The on-the-move executive  


Although the inability to travel has slowed this category of worker down, we know that 61% of executives in New Zealand have travelled domestically already for business, and 38% are optimistically anticipating booking international trips within six months. These on-the-move executives rely on their computers to keep sensitive information secure while seamlessly connecting to cloud applications and online collaboration tools.  



The innovative creator 


No matter which industry you operate in, there are a range of innovators and creators who rely heavily on powerful applications and tools to be at their most effective. To create the next generation of products, services, and content, they need technology that enables them to easily bring their ideas to life. Conversely, sub-par PCs lower their engagement which is why they need high levels of processing power, storage, and connectivity. 


These are only three examples of the multitudes of roles within each organisation. For IT and finance decision makers, it’s essential to have a framework for making more strategic computer purchasing decisions. One avenue for doing so is to create a self-service portal for users to select the computers that best match their role.  


Lexel can help you to create a customised Device Catalogue for your end users to select the ideal device for their role. Lexel’s IT Procurement portal is the ideal tool to deliver this catalogue view, where nominated users can view and directly purchase items, or a bundle of items, that your company chooses as part of its Standard Operating Environment (SOE). With a range of standardised PCs to choose from, this delivers a host of benefits such as: 


  • faster delivery. 
  • lower support costs. 
  • faster support times. 
  • proactively manage end of life issues.  
  • cost savings through bulk buying discounts.  
  • centralised management to procurement. 
  • end user self-service and automation of requests. 
  • enhanced control and governance.  


Through our partnership with HP, we can bring their range of premium EliteBook devices to power the unique roles within your business. By matching these industry leading computers to the positions that drive your organisation, you can create the agility you need for surviving disruption.