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Outsourcing IT has grown hugely popular over the last decade, not least because of the significant cost savings it can bring. There are many more advantages to sending your IT department offsite that reach far beyond financial gains.


The modern IT environment has become increasingly complex to navigate, with new technologies emerging all the time. In order to compete in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape it requires significant investment in IT infrastructure and staff. Managing and supporting this in-house is often costly, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Even for larger enterprises that have the resources, the business benefits of outsourcing still make it a popular option.


By opting for a professional managed IT service, organisations can stay at the forefront of technology with support from experts in the field, all at a significantly lower cost.


Lexel Systems offers a range of IT managed services to support your business. Working closely with you, our experienced team will develop a unique solution in line with your business objectives. With strong vendor partnerships including HP and Intel® and extensive industry expertise, Lexel can create a solution that works for your business, both now and in the future.


What are some of the hidden benefits of outsourcing IT?


    • Expertise – A large team of IT specialists with deep technical knowledge in all key areas.
    • Scalable – With a larger team available, additional resources can be assigned when needed, short or long term.
    • Process – Receive best practice process as well as technical capability.
    • Standards – Leverage developed standards for all key areas leading to less risk, less cost and higher ROI.
    • Consistent – Avoid dealing with staff continuity issues over time.
    • Maturity – Gain access to a more mature capability to best deliver your IT outcomes.


Where to insource and where to outsource? The golden rule


To bring some well proven strategy to the decision, the golden rule is that you should outsource any commodity services and insource any specialised services. An example of a commodity service might be Service Desk. Lexel has a team of thirty level-one Service Desk technicians, all rostered 24×7, all working with a mature ITIL optimised delivery process. How could a customer with a budget for just three dedicated IT staff recreate the scale benefits and robustness? Simply put, it cannot.  Whereas, for that same customer, they see their core business application as being their competitive advantage. To develop that software more and more; experience, narrow focus and market knowledge is key. To this end it makes sense for the customer to insource that more specialised area of their business.


If we translate that to ICT, most infrastructure and platforms are definitely ‘Commodity’ and should be outsourced, whereas any customer market and data related projects should be considered for insource.


Is outsourced IT right for my business?


Whether fully outsourcing your IT department to a managed service provider or having them work as an extension of your internal IT team, it can be hugely advantageous for organisations of all sizes. However, it is particularly valuable for smaller and growing businesses. Lexel can offer you an OPEX cost-model, tailored to your specific needs – with fixed monthly costs, you can save money and forecast future spending accurately. Plus, your organisation will have access to the latest technology and a flexible solution that can be scaled up to grow with your business.


Lexel’s IT Managed Services are available in three different levels. Each service is uniquely designed to meet your business needs, budget and SLA requirements.


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