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To stay competitive in the current climate, your organisation needs to be leveraging the best digital technology. However, given the increasing complexity of the modern IT environment, a digital device rollout, especially a national one can present challenges.


To ensure a successful digital rollout, what are some best practices you can follow to avoid common pitfalls?


Digital Strategy 


As part of an organisation’s well-planned IT roadmap and in line with their organisation’s long-term business goals, a strategy to implement and deploy the physical aspects of that roadmap is key to the overall plan’s success. Devices, software and operational logistics all need to be taken into consideration but with so many vendors and services on offer, consolidating them into a single rollout can be challenging. The logical solution is to find an experienced IT provider that can tailor a scalable solution to meet your specific business requirements and objectives, and act as a single point of contact, removing the stress of dealing with numerous suppliers.


Prepare in Advance


For each workstream the more that can be done in advance and before the project’s critical path elements arrive, de-risks the project and provides more flexible time to address any issues which may occur.


Adopt a Proven Framework


Adopting a proven methodology and framework for your rollout project is key to the success. By using an experienced partner for your rollout, their experience and their framework can be used as a starting point, translating into reducing risks and improving project outcomes.


Lifecycle Management


The purchase, configuration, deployment and management of multiple devices across a distributed workforce can be time-consuming. It requires a process that facilitates the selection of technology standards, procurement thereof, and delivery of technology to users, regardless of where they are located. An IT services provider can manage with the organisation the services to select the technology standards, procurement, pre-configuration, asset-tagging and rollout of your entire digital fleet. For larger projects, they can implement multiple installation streams, minimising disruption to get users up and running quickly.


Reduce costs


The substantial upfront capital expenditure, along with ongoing maintenance costs, can make a digital refresh costly. Plus, there is potential for unplanned downtimes, impacting business operations and leaving you out of pocket. Instead, consider an OPEX model through a managed IT service, tailored to your requirements. With a predictable recurring monthly cost, no initial outlay and cutting unknowns out of the equation, you will be able to accurately forecast future spending.


Use an experienced IT Solutions Provider


Lexel System’s expert team can help accelerate your digital transformation, whatever stage you are at in your digital journey. They will evaluate the impact of your current technology on your organisation’s workflows, employee experience, and operational agility.


With modern digital solutions to deliver a complete digital workplace strategy, Lexel will ensure your people, data, and processes are connected so that you can achieve your business goals.


Get in touch to discuss how Lexel can make your digital rollout a success.


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