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When is it time to upgrade your ICT systems? If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. From security concerns to communication challenges, there are several signs that tell you an update is overdue.


Here are six signs you need to do something now.



It’s not mobile.


Are your staff complaining they can’t get the information they need when they’re on the road or out of the office? When your people can access workplace systems on the go, they increase their productivity simply by working from any location, at any time.


Old-school systems which don’t accommodate mobile working leads to low levels of efficiency, and ultimately higher costs. With many workplaces embracing remote working for years, the Covid-19 pandemic has cemented that remote working can reduce operational costs while delivering greater productivity.


Taking the plunge and investing in Microsoft cloud solutions is a no-brainer.



It’s not secure.


Does your data and information feel safe? Security is no longer simple. Cybercrime is becoming more automated and sophisticated by the day, with businesses being targeted by hackers and online viruses. Critical and sensitive business data can be lost without the right security set up.


Strong security requires modern computer systems alongside up to date anti-virus and firewall software. But this doesn’t extend solely to your computers. Employee smartphones, tablets and internet connections need the appropriate protection too.



It causes downtime.


Is your team sitting around waiting for the system to deliver? Time is money. Software crashes, internet outages and slow updates caused by out-of-date technology lead to staff with nothing to do. If your technology is not optimised for productivity, the business’s bottom line is likely suffering as a result.


Prevent issues and quickly resolve them should they arise. Microsoft cloud solutions enable your business to be back up and running quickly should the worst-case scenario occur.



It causes staff dissatisfaction.


Do you hear grumbles and moans about “the system”? Old technology is annoying. It’s clunky, slow and difficult to use. The various cumbersome steps needed to undertake a simple task leads to frustration and decreased employee morale, which quickly leads to lower retention rates.


While staff might not demand the latest, greatest, state-of-the-art digital tools, they deserve a set-up that allows them to do their job. Providing a seamless, modern workplace will help contribute to a positive and productive staff culture.



It hinders communication.


Communication is key in business. For the last decade, people have become accustomed to being constantly connected through smartphones, tablets and laptops. With this in mind, it’s essential that workplace communication tools are tailored towards these new ways of working.


Microsoft Teams enables staff to easily communicate with one another and collaborate on documents at the same time. You can even do this with people and teams outside of your organisation. Microsoft Teams enables traditional voice calling, video conferencing, collaboration and much more. If you haven’t implemented an integrated cloud-based system, you are undoubtedly missing out on productivity and collaboration gains.



It costs too much.


Do you feel you are paying for computing resources that you don’t always use? Before the advent of the cloud, businesses bought computer systems with the storage and power to ensure capacity during peak usage. However, this meant that most of the time, businesses were paying for resources they only needed occasionally. With a proper Microsoft Cloud implementation these concerns are a thing of the past.


Pay only for what you use. Microsoft cloud solutions can automatically scale, delivering capacity during workload peaks and returning to normal when the workload decreases.  Similarly for staff numbers fluctuating, only pay licensing for the staff you currently employ.



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