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Given the hype surrounding the benefits of the cloud, it is no surprise that moving on from legacy infrastructure and applications is becoming a priority for many organisations. However, some are still reluctant to make the transition, and businesses are suffering as a result. While legacy applications have their time and place for some, most wanting to implement a modern workplace need to consider the cloud’s benefits.




Security is an increasingly complex consideration. Maintaining security of critical data and systems is vital in today’s business environment. Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated, and malware is everywhere. This is why it’s worrying that there is a common misconception data hosted on-premise is more secure than data stored in the cloud.


In reality, constantly keeping your organisation’s data and systems secure from threats is a big ask for any organisation. In-house resources are often stretched and don’t have the specialised security knowledge needed.


With cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft Azure, organisations receive access to decades of industry-leading security expertise. When you utilise Microsoft’s cloud technology, you’re getting best-in-class security, that’s constantly updated.


When you pair this with the expertise and experience that Lexel possess, you’re ensuring that you have the best security support available to you. Our team considers not only technical, but operational security, too. Ensuring that your team has the knowledge and training to safeguard your organisation.




There’s often a fear  cloud costs will start low but end up being astronomical. However, internal IT equipment is far from cheap. Servers, computers and the associated maintenance comes with significant costs. Organisations also need to ensure they have the storage and processing power to meet times of peak demand, even though that level may only be reached occasionally.


Overall operating costs can be reduced significantly with the cloud. Microsoft solutions automatically scale to meet your needs, and licencing is only required for the staff you currently employ. Lexel can also provide you with IT support when you need it, meaning your staffing needs are reduced. Over the life of a typical physical server, the cost related to operating from the cloud comes out on top.




High functioning, modern teams are mobile – even global. The requirement for all staff to work within the same office is long gone, and hybrid remote working is increasingly the norm. However, these ‘modern’ ways of working cannot be unlocked with old school, legacy systems. Staff need to access and edit their files through the cloud, from any location. They need to be able to collaborate remotely just as they do when sitting next to their colleagues.


The Microsoft suite provides an end-to-end solution for enhancing your organisation’s flexibility. The right applications for your team, world class collaboration, complete role and user management, with leading security and support. From installation and integration through to execution and maintenance, Lexel helps you develop the most effective platform for your employees to quickly find information and collaborate seamlessly across the organisation.


Disaster recovery


Let’s face it: things go wrong. No matter the disaster, whether it’s natural, human error or malware – disaster recovery requires an agile, fast response.


Legacy data recovery involves hosting physical IT equipment at a secondary location. It requires building your own data centre or outsourcing to a co-location provider. On the other hand, organisations that use the cloud have a replica of their data stored permanently online, making it simple to deploy in an emergency or to  quickly find ‘lost’ data.


Our team works with you to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be for whatever the future may bring.




It’s uncomfortable but true: legacy systems aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly. Mainframes typically require private data centres that consume energy and other resources as well as being physically difficult to dispose of. As businesses grow and become more dispersed, the hardware and amount of energy needed to power this technology increase.


For many organisations like yours, sustainability and being environmentally friendly is a focus. Microsoft is constantly working to make Azure as sustainable as possible. Its commitment and efforts mean when you’re using a Microsoft Azure platform, your IT requirements are leaving the smallest footprint possible.


Quite simply, your use of Microsoft’s cloud, leads to lower carbon emissions and improving your environmental bottom line.


Making the call


We understand it’s difficult to know when is the right time for your business to move to the cloud.  To help you make the call, Lexel is uniquely placed to assess a New Zealand located organisation’s readiness to migrate. We provide you with an understanding of the return on investment, the benefits, costs, timelines and associated risks. The important message is not to wait too long and lose the competitive advantage this can give you.


For a personalised discussion on how you can modernise your business with Microsoft Cloud solutions, contact the team at Lexel today.



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