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The need for stronger IT security remains a key focus for businesses, especially within the current climate of pursuing a more dynamic digital presence. The growing complexity of security threats means it’s crucial for businesses to ensure they have all their bases covered, including securing your Wi-Fi network.


Wi-Fi networks are known to be prone to cyber threats. To combat IT danger and further strengthen digital security, businesses are starting to use Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) as a line of defence.


Our next-level NaaS is a wireless and local networking solution with a flexible consumption model that delivers a secure and agile network infrastructure. To meet the cybersecurity demands of today, our NaaS uses sophisticated network monitoring to protect businesses from:


  • Unauthorised network access
  • Destruction, theft or modification of business information
  • Costly business network disruptions
  • Reputation damage (due to a security breach)


So, why is securing your Wi-Fi network more important than ever?


Remote working has inevitably grown within the last year, increasing the surface area in need of protection. On top of this, cyber threats and data breaches grew in sophistication and volume, with the number of breaches increasing 273% in the first quarter of 2020 in comparison to 2019.


The growing sphere of IT threats towards businesses make it difficult for organisations to manage their own security to ensure their networks are protected from unwanted users while also granting access to their employees.


The reality of a network attack has the potential to be fatal for a business, depending on the severity. On average, the cost of a single data breach is $3.6 million, with businesses facing a one-in-four chance of this happening to them.



Size doesn’t matter in network attacks


No matter the size of an organisation, a data breach can be financially detrimental, as well as negatively impacting reputation and damaging customer trust. To protect businesses against network breaches, our NaaS seamlessly integrates network management and security into on-premises and cloud environments without the maintenance and configuration of traditional VPNs and other legacy systems.


By making the move to our NaaS, businesses can be more agile while improving their network security. Featuring advanced management tools which are monitored 24×7 by our Network Specialists, our offering provides detailed real-time analytics into network operations, alerting our specialist networking team if something does happen on the network, giving you peace of mind that we have your back.


In a world of constantly changing digital demands and ever-increasing security threats, flexible solutions such as NaaS offer an innovative way for businesses to keep up and stay protected. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of our next-level NaaS for your business, the best place to start is getting in touch with our team of experts.