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Before COVID-19 caused its global storm, working from home was a concept organisations merely flirted with. How the times have changed. As many businesses shifted to a work-from-home (WFH) or hybrid model, staff returning to the office are finding the office network is underperforming compared to the “at home” experience. Upgrading the performance and security of standard Wi-Fi networks is going to be key for a seamless transition back to the office. Now is the time to reap the benefits of upgrading your wireless network.


Even with the world undergoing one of the biggest mass behaviour changes (WFH) we’ve seen in our lifetime, the show must go on. Our Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution is an innovative way to set your business up for success today and into the future with a fully managed, fully maintained and fully secure network. Below are three major benefits of taking your network to the next level.



1.      Better security


With the shift to remote and hybrid work, many businesses are facing increased security concerns as employees work from a range of locations. The hard truth is, the older your infrastructure, the higher the chance of a security breach. This is especially true with the WiFi 802.11 security standard being breached in Q1 2021 and any Wi-Fi equipment not updated exposing the business to cyber attack.


By levelling up with our NaaS, you will improve the security of your network with better control, visibility and monitoring capabilities. This allows you to act quickly against any suspicious network activity and help prevent security breaches.



2.      Faster and more reliable internet connection in the office


We all know the pain of trying to work with a slow internet connection. A lot of businesses are holding back their own growth, and their employees, with internet connections that don’t give them the speed or reliability they need, especially for the video calls we are now all accustomed to.


With a strengthened wireless network, your business can improve productivity as well as making it easier to introduce new and more powerful applications. Faster Wi-Fi means you can explore different tools and implement innovative programs without facing performance issues such as systems crashing. An upgrade can turn yesterday’s connectivity problems into a distant memory.



3.      Keep your business agile


The digital world continues to impact more industries, forcing businesses to adapt and ensure they stay agile. Upgrading to Lexel’s NaaS helps you move with the times to ensure optimal performance, timely updates and a flexible consumption model. The agility that comes with NaaS also means you’ll always have access to the latest cybersecurity features, ensuring your business is protected across devices and connections now and into the future.


As more challenges arise with increased remote working, solutions that deliver the right mix of technology and expertise are key to moving forward. With an effective framework in place for your workforce, you can ensure high security, smoother workflows, stronger connectivity and better opportunity for business growth.


If you would like to know more about how Lexel’s NaaS can take your business to the next level, get in touch with our Networking experts.