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Defender for Business – now included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium


Customers with Microsoft 365 Business Premium will shortly see Microsoft Defender for Business appearing in the “Endpoint section” of their Microsoft 365 Defender Security Portal.


Microsoft Defender for Business is an endpoint security solution that helps businesses protect against cybersecurity threats including malware and ransomware – Microsoft Defender for Business | Microsoft Security


Microsoft CSP – New Commerce Experience for new subscriptions


As of 1 March 2022 new subscription types (or new customers to Lexel) must buy through the New Commerce model.


The options are:


  • Annual Commitment – lock current pricing in for 12-months, pay monthly or annual (no price difference)
  • Monthly Commitment – 20% more expensive but can change/reduce licenses at monthly renewal.


The cancellation window has been increased for NCE from 72 hours to seven days (168 hours).

Cancellations within the seven-day window will be enabled for the following commercial subscription scenarios:


  • New seat-based subscription purchases on new commerce
  • Seat-based subscriptions that have been renewed on new commerce
  • Seat-based subscriptions purchased on new commerce as a result of a migration from legacy CSP
  • Partial new commerce upgrades that resulted in a new subscription
  • Reducing seats from incremental seat adds on existing subscriptions or on new subscription orders
Microsoft Priva


Privacy Management for Microsoft 365 was introduced in November 2021 with a Privacy Management – Risk User SL and a Privacy Management – Subject Rights Request license.


Microsoft Priva has become the new branding for these solutions with the licenses now called the Priva Privacy Risk Management User SL and the Priva Subject Rights Request license.


Learn more about Microsoft Priva.




Trustwave SpiderLabs is an elite group of researchers, security and penetration testers, incident responders, forensic investigators, malware reversers, published authors and sought-after speakers.


The Trustwave SpiderLab is continuously out in the wild; investigating and unearthing how adversaries think and act to gain insight into the latest exploits, malware, breaches and vulnerabilities.


For the most up-to-date information on cutting-edge research, critical vulnerabilities, and the latest threats, the Trustwave SpiderLabs Blog is a great resource. For example a recent blog covers Evasive URLs in Spam.


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