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Microsoft Defender for Business servers – in preview 


In March 2022 the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan was expanded to add the Microsoft Defender for Business feature providing endpoint protection for user’s devices (5 x devices per user: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS). One gap was that Defender for Endpoint Server was only available for customers that also had 50 x Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 subscriptions. This gap is soon to be closed with Microsoft Defender for Business Servers now in preview. Soon this will be available to purchase as long as you have 1 x Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. The price is expected to be approx. $5 per server.


This new license will provide enterprise-grade endpoint security across your Windows and Linux servers and enable you to manage them within a single admin experience inside Defender for Business so you can protect all endpoints in one location.


Microsoft Defender for Business servers


Adobe Document Cloud (DC) changes 


On 8 August 2022 Adobe began adding e-Signature tools to the Acrobat Standard and Pro DC range (allowing you to sign and collect unlimited signatures). Previously, for e-signature software, you had to purchase Adobe Sign (still required for APIs, built-in integrations, advanced compliance etc).


This extra feature does involve a price increase of the Acrobat range for new and renewing customers (up to 40%) so it is well worth using this feature where possible to achieve savings in other areas of the business.


E-signature Pricing and Plans | Acrobat Sign (


ict services auckland – managed ict provider new zealand


Microsoft Frontline Workers


The Microsoft F1, F3 and Office 365 F3 plans are “lite” plans designed for workers that are not deskbound but still use a shared device or tablet/phone to connect to SharePoint, Teams etc. From 1 August 2022 the terms were updated to allow users with these subscriptions to use a primary work device with a single screen smaller than 10.9″ (was previously 10.1″) or they can share devices with other Frontline Worker users.


Frontline worker Productivity Tools | Microsoft 365


ict services auckland – managed ict provider new zealand


Microsoft Viva Goals


This month another addition to the Viva range was launched – Viva Goals which is $9 user/month.


Microsoft Viva Goals is a goal-setting and management solution that aligns teams to your organisation’s strategic priorities.  It is integrated within Teams and allows users to track their individual goals, team goals and organisation goals with all of them being linked so employees can see exactly how they are contributing to the overall company objectives.


This video is well worth a watch – Viva Goals is now generally available! – Microsoft Tech Community


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