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In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise technology, SAP continues to be a driving force, transforming businesses and enhancing operational efficiency.


The demand for skilled SAP specialists is reaching new heights. Recognising this surge in demand, Lexel Resourcing now has a dedicated SAP Talent Bank. (If you’re an SAP Specialist and would like to join this movement, sign up here.)


Here we will discuss the reasons behind the escalating need for SAP experts and how choosing to align yourself with our SAP Talent Bank will be beneficial, whether you are a business on the lookout for SAP Talent, or SAP professional searching new opportunities.


In recent years, SAP has become the backbone of many businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that span various functions, from finance and HR to supply chain and customer relationship management. As organisations increasingly adopt SAP technologies to streamline their processes and stay ahead of the competition, the demand for skilled SAP specialists is skyrocketing.


Although several factors contribute to the heating up of the SAP talent market, one main reason stands out:


The deadline for migration to S4HANA is looming!


The migration deadline for organisations to transition to SAP S/4HANA is December 2027. From this date, SAP will discontinue mainstream maintenance and support for older SAP systems (although recently it has been announced that some cover will be available until 2029, at an additional cost on top of the already high structure). In reality, this means no bug fixes and security patches which increases risk and exposure to potential cyber threats, in addition to missing out on the additional features and functionality that come with the updated version.


Numerous benefits offered by S/4HANA when compared to its predecessors:

  • S/4HANA offers advanced in-memory computing capabilities for real-time data processing and analytics.
  • A more seamless integration of various modules such as finance, procurement, sales and warehousing. This enables better decision-making, enhancing efficiency and boosting overall productivity.
  • Improved employee engagement due to modernised Fiori based UX.
  • Increased total productivity as a result of runtime reduction of ERP reports on HANA database.
  • S4HANA also harnesses the power of AI, machine learning and the IoT (Internet of Things)


Here’s the however


Migrating to S/4HANA is a complex undertaking that demands meticulous planning, potential adjustments to existing processes and extensive testing!


Where we come in


As you embark on the journey to upgrade your systems, a critical decision looms: should you entrust the process to external consulting giants, or should you opt for more of an in-house talent pool of contractors and permanent or fixed-term IT resources.


Cost Savings. One of the most compelling reasons to opt for in-house talent is the potential for significant cost savings. By relying on permanent or fixed-term staff supplemented by contractors as needed, you can tailor your teams to project-specific needs, paying for expertise only when required. This flexible staffing model allows for a more cost-effective approach without sacrificing quality.


Control Over the Project. Maintaining control over the upgrade process is crucial for ensuring that it aligns with your company’s strategic objectives. In-house teams offer greater control and flexibility in decision-making, allowing organisations to adapt to evolving requirements and changes in real time.


Retention of IP. Once those high-paid external consultants exit the building, most of the IP they bring exits too. Using a blend of full-time employees (FTEs) and contract resources ensures the retention of IP within your business. Specialist contract resources can offer knowledge transfer and documentation as part of their deliverables remit.


Loyalty and Company Alignment. Longer-term contractors and FTE resources (engaged directly) are far more likely to have a vested interest in the success of a project than those consultants who work for large external consulting firms.


This loyalty translates into a commitment to delivering high-quality results and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the success of the SAP upgrade.


Lexel Resourcing’s SAP Talent Bank


In response to this escalating demand for SAP specialists, the SAP Talent Bank is now connecting top-tier SAP professionals with New Zealand organisations seeking their expertise.


Businesses leveraging the SAP Talent Bank gain access to a pool of highly skilled and pre-vetted SAP specialists at a reasonable cost. Quickly and efficiently find the right talent to meet specific needs.


The Talent Bank houses SAP specialists across the complete SAP environment, from planning and initiation through delivery, implementation, and testing, to optimisation and post-implementation. These resources are based in various parts of New Zealand and can be supplemented by off-shore SAP squads where necessary, enabling our clients to scale up or down at speed and further reducing costs.


Contact us to discuss how aligning with Lexel Resourcing’s SAP Talent Bank is a smart strategic move.