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Seeing is believing

Auckland, 16th March 2018

Seeing is Believing

Lexel and HP hosted the latest event in our 'Food for Thought' series - Seeing is Believing.

Customers were invited to indulge their senses with an interactive virtual reality experience hosted at the Glass Goose Eatery.

Jenny Davis from HP discussed how businesses are revolutionising their workplaces with HP's most powerful wearable technologies. Ideal for product development, employee training, walk-through simulations, immersive customer experiences, and so much more. Steve Kenyon spoke about Chameleon Power leading provider of web and mobile visualisation and design technologies. The highlight was the opportunity customers were given to interact with not one but two virtual reality headsets thanks to Jenny Davis and Jamie Hall.

A great morning exploring HP's Virtual Reality offering including the HP Z VR Backpack.

If you would like more information about how virtual reality could fit into your business mix, please contact your Lexel account manager.


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