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Lexel project management grows four-fold

Lexel project management grows four-fold By Amanda Sachtleben - Auckland, 16 June 2010

Staff numbers quadruple since split from Enterprise IT.

Lexel Systems' project management division has quadrupled its staff numbers, in the two years since its split from Enterprise IT.

With numbers rising from 8 to 32 and the division comprising about 30 percent of Lexel's business, CEO Noel Simpson says there is strong opportunity to grow it even further.

"We see that there is definite material amounts of growth available to that division," he says. "We're still ramping it up."

Oracle and Unix specialist Enterprise IT was formed in 2005 in partnership with Lexel Systems, then called Computer Brokers. But in 2008 the companies said they had grown sufficiently to be independently owned, and Lexel's stake was taken over by Enterprise IT's management.

Simpson says project management was more aligned to Lexel's core business and it has grown significantly in the past two years, including steady growth during the recession.

Paul Alexander, who leads the division, says prior to the recession it revisited the way it operated, and sought to establish points of difference. These included establishing and trademarking a billing system that aims to ensure the division's customers, within reason, pay for only the value they feel they receive.

"We are rated on our performance throughout the process," says Alexander. "We have removed the subjectivity of the value, because customers like to see how they can pay for value and not be overcharged."

Alexander says the division continued to grow during the recession because there was continued demand for project work.

"In a recession people's jobs may be at risk, but IT still needs to keep the lights on and a lot of project work needed to be done. We didn't see a huge downturn in our project pipeline. It is a definite piece of work with a duration and an outcome."

Simpson adds the division has formalised and bundled a lot of IP. so that project management staff have all the required tools to start working from the first day of a project. He says Lexel can also provide independent project managers for large clients, who have multiple IT providers working on a project.

Article courtesy of Reseller News

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