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Data Recoverability Assessment

The ability to recover critical data to a known point (RPO) and within a known timeframe (RTO) can be the difference between business continuity and business chaos.

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The Lexel IT Data Recoverability Assessment is a short, independent, expert assessment that analyses your current backup and recovery process and tools. The assessment will provide you with a report which will highlight areas within your data recoverability process that may need to be updated or improved.

The Data Recoverability assessment is to highlight and provide recommendations for risks that may not be known, until the failure of a service. Our goal is to assist you to build robust processes to ensure the data that underpins your critical business services, is protected and available for these services e.g. file and print, SQL, Citrix, CRM, ERP.

Our approach is to leverage off industry best practice, real life customer experiences, technology, tools and most importantly the skills of our people. We pay attention, not only to how things are, but also how and why they came to be that way, and how they might be in the future.

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