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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Lexel offers trusted managed and unmanaged backup and disaster recovery services.

Lexel's point of difference is our new generation cloud and online approach. Services start with our 'Essentials' self-managed cloud backup offering, all the way through to our 'Elite' fully managed solution with dedicated customer backup and disaster recovery environments.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to ensure your data is protected and recoverable, all in a new generation cloud way, Lexel is your answer.

As a high level overview of Lexel's core offerings:

Cloud Backup and DR – Essentials (Self Service)

If you are looking for a simple and cost effective cloud solution to self-manage the backup of your data and servers, Lexel's 'Cloud Backup and DR - Essentials' based on Veeam Cloud Connect is the solution.

Backups can be sent to our local NZ datacentre or to our Azure datacentre. There is a recommended staging of backups onto your own local backup repository, for added speed of backup and restore. In the event that a worst case event occurs there is an optional Disaster Recovery Mode available where Lexel stands your servers up in our DR environment and provides you with access via a VPN or via optional physical DR hot desks.

Backups and restores are self-managed, but escalation help is also available from Lexel via ad hoc support or service level agreement (SLA) based support.

Cloud Backup and DR – Elite (Fully Managed)

If you are looking for a full fixed price turnkey service, Lexel’s ‘Cloud Backup and DR – Elite’ is the solution. Every solution is customised to each customer where data and servers are normally backed up to a local backup appliance at the customer’s datacentre and then replicated to another backup appliance at Lexel’s datacentre.

In the event that a disaster occurs, disaster recovery is available upon the appliance itself where the appliance is converted into Disaster Recovery Mode and is used to stand up your servers and provide you access via a VPN, via optional physical DR hot desks, or transported to your physical site of choice. All backups and restores are managed by Lexel and under SLA.

Backup and Recovery Services – Custom

Lexel offers a customised service for bespoke customer equipment including Unix and proprietary hardware, including cold, warm or hot standby. We also offer full hybrid services using an a’ la carte approach to larger customers.

DR Recovery Hosting

For Essentials, Elite and Custom, Lexel offers disaster recovery hosting. When you need to invoke a disaster recovery activation, Lexel will host your servers in our cloud environment or a dedicated disaster recovery appliance for you, and provide you with access via a VPN, or via our optional DR hot desks.

A key differentiator for some of our disaster recovery solutions is our ability to physically hand the customer their activated disaster recovery mode solution, which the customer can physically take to their chosen DR site.

DR Hot Desks

For those customers requiring DR hot desks, Lexel’s hot desk facility is available to accommodate the short term desk space needed by customers key staff in the event of a disaster recovery activation, and importantly with immediate and local LAN speed to your disaster recovery mode hosted servers.

Recovery Consulting and Assurance

Lexel offers consulting services around customer’s backup and disaster recovery processes, platforms and environments. Whether you manage you own environment or are currently outsourced, if you are looking for a QA or have a specific problem or project, then Lexel is available.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Capability

Lexel's Backup and Disaster Recovery Division has dedicated and specialised staff focused solely on backup and disaster recovery. This specialised expertise ensures that the design and overall support service works smoothly and reliably.

Lexel uses a combination of Azure and Amazon for public cloud and its own NZ datacentres for onshore cloud hosting. Support for all core operating systems and hypervisors including popular ones such has Microsoft HyperV and VMWare ensures wide customer environment support.

Lexel ensures maximum service availability with its own in-house 24/7 manned service desk which is supported by a high availability design including backup generator and its own replicated systems for your further peace of mind.

Client Statements

Staples RodwayStaples Rodway Chartered Accountants

"Managed Backup Services from Lexel Systems has proven its value to us time and again. From simple data file recoveries to a full server recovery the Lexel backup services suite provides peace of mind to our organisation and our IT Team, enabling our people to focus on issues other than 'Do we have a backup?'"
Steven Laurence, IT Manager

Staples RodwayRuapehu District Council

"The project was completed in two weeks, without a hitch. The Lexel team is very good, very amenable and very approachable. They involved us completely in the decision-making and always kept us in the loop as things progressed." Read more
Stuart Campbell, IT Manager