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Networking Solutions

Assessment, Design and Management

Lexel delivers specialist advice, leadership, and expertise to ensure that your network remains agile and aligned with your business needs.

As companies introduce disruptive and emerging technologies, network infrastructure has become a critical component for the successful delivery and support of these applications.


Our Services:

Network Optimisation Assessment. Gain visibility of your network performance. Lexel’s networking experts can provide you with a range of network performance statistics and analysis, along with cost effective recommendations.
Network Management. Lexel can deliver managed network services for LANs, WANs and remote access solutions. These can be delivered across a variety of platforms including wired, wireless and converged networks.
Network Architecture and Design. Our experienced team can provide one off or ongoing engagements; assisting your business with clarity of your networking vision, alignment with the broader business strategy.
Wireless. No more cables! Lexel can deliver a reliable wireless network at a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives.
Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON). A green networking solution at a lower cost than traditional Ethernet. The Lexel team have proven experience in designing and deploying GPON solutions.
Managed Services. Allow Lexel to take all the responsibility for your network.
Support. Experienced New Zealand based support engineers can troubleshoot and solve network problems quickly, minimising expensive down-time for your business.

Cyber Security

Protecting your business in a digital world

Cyber-crime is becoming more automated and sophisticated by the day. Focusing on prevention, Lexel’s tailored cyber security solutions can help prevent an attack on your business.

Lexel has a depth of industry expertise to help your organisation with endpoint protection, network security and cloud security.


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Our Services:

Security review. Discover the vulnerabilities in your security posture. Lexel will analyse existing policies, run security audits and conduct vulnerability assessments. The review includes a comprehensive report, with recommendations unique to your organisation.
Security policy development. Through a consultative approach, Lexel will develop solid, documented policies, helping your organisation define how people connect with technology, including IOT (internet of things).
Security awareness. Elevate the visibility of security within your organisation. Taking into account your unique business needs, Lexel will deliver a solution to meet your timing, budget and compliance requirements.
Architecture and design. Lexel will take the time to understand your organisation’s existing security footprint, business needs, objectives and goals. We’ll then develop a security solution that best protects your organisation both now and into the future.
Managed services. Ongoing management, monitoring, training and reviews; Lexel’s managed services can be customised to meet your unique business needs and budget.
Consulting services. A dedicated security manager on your terms – for as little or as much as you need them. Lexel’s security consultants have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your organisation’s security objectives are achieved and maintained.
Emergency response. Recover quickly from security breaches. Lexel is at the ready to help you minimise business disruption and data leakage, helping get you back to business as usual, as quickly as possible. We’ll help you understand how and why the breach occurred, and steps to take to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Business Benefits:

Protection. Protect your organisations networks, data and intellectual property from unauthorised access.
Business continuity. Experience improved informa­tion security and business continuity management.
Business confidence. Improve both user and customer confidence in your information security.
Minimise downtime. With a solid plan in place, quickly recover in the event of a breach, minimising business downtime.
Mitigate risk. Reduce the financial risk and loss of reputation from a publicised security breach.