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Microsoft SQL Server

Getting the most out of your data estate.

SQL Backup & Restore
Protect your business-critical data from hardware failures, network intrusions, human errors and natural disasters – with a reliable, cost-effective SQL backup & restore strategy.

Our SQL Backup & Restore Services include:

Backup & restore assessment.  Gain valuable insight to your Microsoft SQL Server data estate, with a comprehensive assessment outlining risks and
recommendations. Our backup and restore assessment is  aligned to current industry best-practice guidelines.


Consulting.  Our experts will craft a well-designed cost-effective backup and restore strategy, balancing the business requirements for maximum data availability and minimum data loss.


Monitoring and maintenance.  Collaborating with industry leading partners, the team at Lexel offers a breadth of SQL Server performance, monitoring and maintenance second to none.


Application RTO matrix.  Measure the full extent of your SQL server environment with a full SQL inventory (including all connected and dependent applications).


Cloud backup.  In the event of a natural disaster affecting your on-premises location, we’ll back up SQL Server, creating an off-site backup in a location of your choice.


Managed services.  With SLA’s to meet your unique business needs, Lexel will configure and maintain your data estate, with solutions aligned to industry best-practice guidelines.


24 x 7 x 365 support.  Lexel’s experienced New Zealand based team offers mission-critical support, when & where you need it.


Lexel’s SQL backup & restore solutions can help your organisation:

  • Increase mission-critical uptime.
  • Ensure business continuity.
  • Minimise data loss.
Downtime and data loss:

The two most common reasons for downtime or data loss are:


Human error.   Accidents happen. What can you do when a table or other database object gets accidentally deleted?


Hardware failure.  A damaged disk drive or permanent loss of a server.


Other reasons include:


Network outages.  Backups failing or being compromised due to network outages.


Crypto and ransomware attacks.  The time taken to recover and restore affected systems if your data is compromised.


Time.  As your database size grows, the time required to complete the scheduled backups can easily exceed maintenance windows.


Storage.  Restore operations can become time-consuming, with backups needing massive amounts of storage space.


Our other SQL Services include:

SQL Managed Services. Lexel will manage your SQL server modern data platform from end-to-end.


Security & compliance. Lexel can help protect your data with robust security and compliance services, solutions and support.


Health & performance. Gain valuable insight, reduce risk and improve performance of your data platform.


Our partners:

Collaborating with industry-leading partners within the Modern Data space, Lexel offers SQL Server security audits, performance monitoring and maintenance second to none.