Lexel Excellence in IT business solutions

Small business clients

Lexel offers a tailored business offering to NZ’s small to medium businesses. Lexel has sales and technical teams specifically designed to meet the needs of this client segment.

Lexel recognises that relationships are key for small and medium business, and we focus on employing both sales and technical staff that can communicate and build long term relationships with the clients.

Small businessThe technical services relationship is often critical with smaller businesses which is why Lexel specifically assigns engineers as well as account managers on a long term basis to individual clients. Lexel recognises that the assigned technical systems engineer often provides core relationship management as much as technical service into smaller business. This ensures suitable skills, both technical and business, are consistently available to our clients.

Our Account Managers provide product sales and service and are highly available, they work closely with the technical services department to provide a relationship that provides superior service to the client.

Lexel has developed specific product sets for smaller business. These include our “Proactive Maintenance contracts” where we proactively maintain our clients network, “Helpdesk contracts” where our clients can escalate issues to highly available helpdesk staff, “Availability Contracts” for after hours availability and many more.

Note: Lexel defines small business as having less than 100 computer workstations.

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