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Microsoft Teams

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Nulia Microsoft Office 365 Training

Digital enablement is essential for every modern workplace. Through digital enablement solution Nulia, Lexel will help unlock the value of Microsoft Office 365 in your organisation; driving skills development and behavioural change.

Addressing gaps in traditional training solutions, Nulia ensures your organisation’s workforce has the Microsoft Office 365 skills they need.

By customising employee adoption plans to align with your corporate strategy, Nulia can deliver lasting change in your organisation through:

  • Personalised employee skills development plans powered by AI Machine learning.
  • Training content fully integrated into Office 365.
  • Lower cost and higher ROI than traditional training.

Unlocking the value of Office 365

Purpose-built to unlock the value of the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite, Nulia is based on three core pillars:


Measure and evaluate.  Nulia develops skills by doing, not passively learning, then keeping people using digital technologies in a way that works for them. Capture each user’s unique needs and continuously measure progress against goals.


Personalise and guide.  Target engagement in each user’s natural flow of work, guiding them with data intelligence to attain and maintain new digital productivity skills by doing.


Engage and reward.  Always-on support and engagement makes skills development fun, exciting, and personally rewarding. Users earn industry-recognised badges that are based on verified usage of digital skills that can be shared across professional networks, including LinkedIn.

Our services include:

Proof of concept.  Our low risk Office 365 adoption plan provides an outcome-based pilot program.


Deployment services.  Lexel can provide additional project and deployment services to support your digital enablement projects.


Adoption and change management.  Nulia’s artificial intelligence is complemented with Lexel’s customised Microsoft adoption program, ensuring continuation of skills training and tracking.


Managed services.  100% OPEX, Nulia can be included into Lexel’s managed services with SLA’s to meet your organisation’s unique requirements.


Support.  With Nulia support options to meet your needs, our 100% NZ based team is available 24 x 7 x 365.

Nulia’s unique approach

Research tells us that 50% of digital productivity tools go unused and do not create lasting change. Buying digital productivity suites is simply not enough. Without the right approach to enable users, and continuously measure their progress and guide them, the value of the productivity suite investment cannot be realised.


Nulia is a new way of getting employees to use digital Office 365, to help them become more productive on a continuous basis. It guides users with data-driven insights and measures success by doing; enabling them to continuously attain and maintain productivity skills.


Nulia provides a better way through Digital Enablement. Digital Enablement goes beyond training to drive skill development and sustainable behavioural change. It helps employees realise their productivity potential in the flow of work, unlocking the value of Office 365 for users and organisations.